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Bali Travelers Need To Have A Great Sports Travel Medical Insurance

Bali travelers need to have a great sports travel medical insurance. One of our very best travel medical insurance with sports coverage option is our Diplomat International travel medical insurance.  You may view all the information on our web page here at  

Below is great information on the sports that you and I can add to our travel medical policy with Diplomat International.

Athletic Sports & Hazardous Activity Coverage   –  The Athletic Sports & Hazardous Activity Rider provides coverage if Your Injury or Illness results from the below enumerated Athletic Sports & Hazardous activities. The insured can purchase coverage, with the payment of additional premium, from specific bundled options of Athletic Sports & Hazardous Activities.

Table 1: FOR: Athletic Sports & Hazardous Activities that are NOT: Intercollegiate or Interscholastic Athletics;...

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