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Best Low Cost Airlines In Indonesia

While traveling to Bali at the beginning of November 2017 using Citilink, I was surprised by the number of international travelers on the same plane. My surprise was even greater while waiting for my return plane at the Ngurah Rai Airport. It seems that many international travelers prefer to take low cost airlines while traveling domestically. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised by this since we can save a lot of money by taking low cost airlines. The things we missed, such as entertainment system or airline meal, are not important for flights that are only a couple of hours long.  However, finding a good low cost airlines in Indonesia can be tricky. Therefore, here is my review of the best low cost airlines in Indonesia.

The Best Low Cost Airlines In Indonesia

One of the most popular low cost airlines in Indonesia is AirAsia. This airline not only serve domestically, it also offers international flights that are very affordable. The basic fare is very cheap, yet you...

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