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Driving In Java Island, A Trip From Banten To Central Java

In my last article, I wrote about the state of Trans-Java Toll Road which is only partly finished. At the end of October 2017, my wife and I took a week long break and drove to Central Java area. After my return home, I took a snapshot of my odometer and found out that we drove about 1150 kilometers during the 6 day trip. Below, I am going to describe what my trip is like. This will be important if any of you want to try driving in Java Island. 

From Banten to West Java – Bad Traffic

My trip start at around 9:00am Thursday morning in Tangerang Regency.  About half an hour later, we experienced bumper to bumper traffic. We found out that there were a few truck accidents that happened in the Jakarta-Merak toll road. What should be an hour long trip from Tangerang to Bekasi turn to two hour trip. Unfortunately, that is only the beginning.

Leaving Jakarta through Bekasi to Karawang Regency (about 45 km long) should be less than an hour long trip on a good...

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