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Travel Insurance And Komodo Dragon Bites Have Something In Common

Travel insurance and Komodo dragon bites have something in common. Travel insurance is hardly purchased by travelers traveling outside their country of residence and Komodo dragon bites rarely happen.   But when a Komodo dragon bites you on your overseas travels, you and I for sure want to have outstanding travel medical insurance that will cover all of our medical cost.   We hope this gentleman gets feeling better after his Komodo dragon bite this month.

Around 70 percent of those traveling outside their country never purchase or think of purchasing travel medical insurance.  Yes, that is a lot of folks traveling who are without travel medical insurance.  Many think that their medical insurance where they are residing will cover them overseas.   Maybe some will but most domestic medical insurance does not cover outside the country of residence, especially when it comes to medical evacuation coverage.

Here are three news links relating to this...

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Choose Changi Airport In Singapore The Best Transit Point To Indonesia

If coming to Indonesia, Changi Airport is the best transit point if choosing to transfer airlines. Travelers are getting more interested in Indonesia as a vacation spot. It’s not surprising to see people from far away places such as Europe and America traveling to Indonesia by air. When flights are this long, many people think that it is best to enter Indonesia via Jakarta or Bali airport. You might even consider Narita in Japan. They think that after entering Indonesia, they can take one night to rest  before going to the final destination. However, in this writer’s opinion, the best transit point is not Jakarta or Bali, it’s Changi Airport in Singapore. Find out why below.

Reasons for Changi Airport in Singapore As a Transit Point

In terms of rating, Singapore Changi Airport is better than Jakarta or Bali airport. It has won the best airport for 5 years in a row according to World Airport Awards 2017. If you click on the link, you will see that Changi...

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The Danger Of Selfie

Many Accident Related Selfies in the News

It’s very common to read news about accidents or deaths that happen when people are doing selfies. In January this year, an Indonesian tourist fell to his death from a cliff in Uluwatu, Bali when taking self photograph of himself. Unfortunately, that news and the story of a Singaporean tourist that fell to his death from a cliff in 2015 are the only English language news I can find. In local news, it seems I can find a lot more just in the year 2017, such as  a video that shows how a group of people got trapped in the middle of a flooded river while taking selfies in March 2017, two college students drowned while taking selfies beside a river in February 2017, and a few foreign tourists who got hit by a rogue wave while taking selfies on top of a cliff. Read on to find out the danger of selfie.

Modern People Loves Selfie

It is not strange to see that modern people love to take...

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Raja Ampat Coral Reefs Must Be Kept Pristine

Raja Ampat coral reefs must be kept pristine for all to enjoy. Early March, 2017 a cruise boat carrying 102 souls ran aground on a coral reef in the Raja Ampat archipelago.  For those in Rio Linda, Raja Ampat is in the eastern part of Indonesia.  Indonesia is the fourth largest country in the world in size and population.  The Indonesian language is called Indonesian.  It is a modified language form of the Malay area. 

Here are a few more interesting facts about Indonesia:

  • Her flag is red and white where the red half is on top of the white half (both of equal width). The Polish flag is just the opposite where the white half is on the top and the red half is on the bottom.
  • Her coat of arms is similar to the U.S. which is the eagle called Garuda.
  • She encompasses over 17,000 islands which are mostly inhabitant.
  • Indonesia has 3 of the 10 biggest islands in the world.
  • Indonesia is home to many endangered animals such as the Komodo Dragon and the Orang Untan.
  • ...
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Travel To Japan Top Destination For Family Vacations

Indonesians are most likely to travel to Japan as their destination of choice according to an article in the Jakarta Post.

Why is travel to Japan popular with Indonesians?

In the months of February and March, many travel agencies and airlines conduct so-called “Travel Fairs” in many cities in Indonesia. At these travel fairs, many agencies and airlines offer discounted prices for airplane tickets and tours for many places in Indonesia and outside of Indonesia. The premier airlines of Indonesia, Garuda Airlines, is one of the airlines involved in this travel fair, as you can see from their link.

Not surprisingly, travel to Japan is the most desired destination in these travel fairs.

When to Visit Japan?

There are plenty of reasons why you should travel to Japan in the Spring. The first reason is hanami or flower viewing, but commonly known as Cherry blossom festival. Cherry blossom, or sakura as it is known in Japan, only...

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How to Manage your Trip Finances

tips travel Apr 13, 2020
An amusing piece of news from a local news portal came to me earlier. In this story, two tourists named Nedomelel Petr (36 year old male, from the Czech Republic) and Bratska Jara (29 year old female from Slovakia) ran out of money while traveling from East Java to Jakarta by bus. Petr fell ill during the trip so they decided to stay at an inn in Wiradesa, a small town 350 km away from Jakarta, for the night. Unfortunately, they didn’t have any money left so they cannot pay for the inn nor pay for the transport to Jakarta. Luckily, the inn decided to forgo the charges while the bus company decided to send them to Jakarta for free. This amusing news reminds us how important money management is while traveling to another country. Here are some tips of how to not run out of money during vacation.
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Places to Visit in Bali for FREE

bali bali vacation travel Apr 13, 2020
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Japanese Cherry Blossom Festivals

japan travel Apr 13, 2020

When thinking of spring, blooming flowers are an enduring symbol of the new life blossoming out of the cold. No doubt, one of the most iconic spring flowers are cherry blossoms. With their delicate pink groupings encompassing the entire trees, these flowers have been a celebrated passage into spring for ages. 

What is Hanami?

“Ladies in the Edo Palace Enjoying Cherry Blossoms” by Toyohara Chikanobu, 1894

Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing, has been a vital spring ritual in Japan for over a thousand years. The custom is said to have started in the Nara period (around 710) and has evolved into a central piece of Japanese culture over the centuries. 

In honor of Hanami many local festivals have sprung up celebrating the coming of spring through cherry blossom viewing internationally- including festivals in Washington, D.C., San Diego, Copenhagen, Vancouver, Jinhae, and Sydney. These local festivals all feature groupings of the cherry trees, local crafts and...

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