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Restaurants In Tangerang – Where To Eat Foreign Food

Do you know that when you land in Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, you are not actually land in Jakarta itself. The airport is actually located in Tangerang, a city about 16 miles away from Jakarta. Tangerang, its southern neighbor city South Tangerang, and the surrounding Tangerang Regency is actually home to many expats from around the world. Because of that, there are plenty of restaurants whose cuisine is based on many foreign countries. If you are an expat longing for a taste of home, or an Indonesian who wants to try foreign food, here are some general areas where you can find restaurants in Tangerang that serves foreign food.

Places to Find Restaurants in Tangerang that Serves Foreign Food

Most of the expats lives in the Southern side of Tangerang Area, in places known as BSD, Gading Serpong, and Alam Sutera. Thus, this guide will focus on this area. A primary foreign culinary area in BSD is located at the Breeze where you can find many foreign food. The second, newer culinary area in BSD is located at AEON Mall BSD city. In this Japanese styled Mall, not only you can find many Japanese food (including an area where they serve ramen from all over Japan), Western food is also represented. At the ground floor of AEON Mall, there is a supermarket where you can taste cuisine from all over the world with reasonable price.

Alam Sutera is also a place where you can easily find restaurants that serves food from all over the world. The two areas that I recommend are located in Flavor Bliss and the Living World Mall right across the street. Flavor Bliss is a more outdoors type place while Living World is more indoors. Thus, no matter what the weather, you can always find good food in Alam Sutera.Gading Serpong area is also well known by their culinary area. The first place to find foreign food here is the Summarecon Mall Serpong. At last count, there are over 50 restaurants in this place and the neighboring Salsa Food City, many of them serves non-Indonesian food. Also, this mall is surrounded by restaurants, so you can find the cuisine you want easily in this area.

After Eating All These Food, How About Your Health?

Unfortunately, even though these restaurants in Tangerang serves the food that is good in you mouth, it may not be that good in your stomach. The health standard for Indonesian restaurants is not as strict as other countries. It’s not surprising that people need to go to the doctors because the food that they eat doesn’t agree to their stomach. Thus, we recommend for you to obtain health insurance plans that works internationally. For those who visits, we recommend the Trawick plan, while those who plan to stay for longer period of time, we recommend the Cigna plan. Just getting this insurance will add to your enjoyment of eating the food you want.


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