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The best travel and expatriate insurance...

Whether you're taking a short trip or you own a business in Asia, we've got the insurance plan for you. 

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Whether you're traveling overseas, living in a new country, or running a business, we've got you covered. Select the best fit below to find out more about the coverage that's right for you. 

Individual & Family Travel

For your short term trips to all destinations in Asia

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Expatriate Health & Medical

For expatriates living in Asia more than one year.

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Employer Group Insurance

For teams of two or more expatriate employees

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Serving travelers and residents of Asia... 

We created Asia Insurance specifically to serve Asian residents (including expatriates) and travelers in order to meet their specific insurance needs. Learn more about Asia Insurance below.

Asia Insurance works in collaboration with Good Neighbor Insurance. Good Neighbor Insurance has been protecting travelers/expats going to and from Asian countries for 20 years. Our owner spent 30 years raising his family overseas in SE Asia. His son and co-owner, Doug Gulleson, attended Jakarta International School in Indonesia before moving on to college and getting his Masters Degree in the USA. Both of our co-owners still make yearly trips to Asia, and some of our staff reside in Asia.

Unlike most insurance brokers, we have direct experience overseas, so we truly understand your situation. We offer multiple plans from more than one carrier because we know that one plan does not fit everyone’s needs. Our plans are carefully selected to meet each individual’s or family’s need.  

Asia Insurance Blog

The best travel and expatriate tips and tricks for all destinations in Asia.

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The best service at your fingertips...

Good Neighbor Insurance has been repeatedly recognized as a number one broker for the volume of sales produced by many of our carriers, which means better service and attention to you as our client. We answer our phones directly and work cooperatively rather than on commission in order to help you make the best decisions regarding your particular Asia insurance plan. 

We can help you find the best insurance plan at the best price. Please contact us to learn more about Asia Insurance today. 

We know travel and expatriate insurance because we've been in your shoes. In fact, most of us have lived or worked overseas in the past! We're here for you. If you have any questions or concerns simply contact us today. 


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